Mendini By Cecilio Premium Closed Hole C Flute

Learning how to play the flute is one thing; finding the right flute at the right price is a difficult process. At first glance, you might be thinking that a flute is an expensive instrument to try. But although there are flutes that can cost a pretty penny, know that there are also some cost-effective options available in the market today.

Today’s review we look at one of those affordable options, the Mendini Closed Hole C Flute

Mendini premium closed hole c flute, ideal flute for beginners

One of the more affordable yet highly-reliable options you can go for is the Mendini by Cecilio premium closed hole C flute.

With this flute, not only do you get the instrument itself but you also get a series of accessories to boot. This increases the value of your investment, by including all the necessary extras to take care of your new instrument.

This is particularly important if you’re looking for a flute that’s ideal for a beginner or intermediate-level musician.

If this is what you are after then this is an option that you should really take a closer look into.

For a beginner’s flute, it does come with several features including a nickel-plated body. There are 16 keys in total and the flute is designed to have closed holes for better tone and sound quality.

With the Mendini by Cecilio premium closed hole C flute, you’ll also enjoy access to an offset G and split E. These are essential keys especially if you’re playing at an intermediate level. Having them on the same flute means that you don’t need to buy another one as you progress; saving you even more money in the long run.

The flute’s embouchure or mouthpiece is undercut and beveled. This makes it even more comfortable and easier to play.

There are dual bladder pads and rubber key bumpers as well that make for a more seamless transition from key to key.

You also get a durable carrying case, cleaning cloth and rod, gloves, and of course grease with the set. Included is a portable flute stand with the accessories plus there’s a year’s worth of defect warranties.

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What We Liked About The Mendini C Flute

This is a great starter flute not only because of these accessories. Here are some of the pros that you can expect when you decide to invest in the Mendini by Cecilio premium closed hole C flute:

  • Price
    Its low price point but excellent sound quality makes it the kind of instrument that’s comparable to the big-ticket, branded flutes.Especially if you’re not yet certain if playing the flute is something you’ll be pursuing over the long haul; its price point will mean that you won’t burn a hole in your wallet or regret making the purchase should you decide to forego learning how to become a flutist.
  • Portable
    The Mendini by Cecilio premium closed hole C flute is portable as it’s extremely light compared to other flutes within the same price range. Add to this the accessories that come with the instrument and you get even more value for every dollar that you spend.
  • Color Options
    Also, there are multiple colors that you can choose from so if you’re buying one for yourself or gifting it to an aspiring musician, you can rest assured that the flute will easily match their style of personality.
  • Classroom certified
    The best thing about the Mendini by Cecilio premium closed hole C flute, it’s classroom-certified!

What We Didn’t Like

But of course, there are some cons that apply to this instrument, too. It’s best to know what these are so that you can make a better decision before you make a purchase.

It’s affordable and the sound is good, but of course, there may be some questionable elements to the overall quality of the instrument. Here are some of the cons:

  • Durability
    The material is strong but not as durable compared with other similar flutes in the market. It’s plated, not made out of pure nickel.Because of this, you might have some issues finding repairmen who’ll agree to do repair work on your Mendini flute.


    As for the paint, it can be prone to chips if you don’t take good care of the flute. The good thing is that any chips in the paint won’t have a direct effect on the sound.




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Overall, the Mendini by Cecilio premium closed hole C flute is still a good flute to start learning with.

Later on, you can upgrade to a different model and spend on that instead.

You can buy it for around a hundred dollars but get the quality of sound that’s close to more expensive counterparts.

Very easy to handle and quite comfortable to play—you’ll have a ball learning different tunes with this instrument in your arsenal.

Mendini premium closed hole c flute, ideal flute for beginners

But then again, this is a good flute for beginners and those who’re just entering the intermediate stage of learning.

As you progress, you’ll definitely need to consider investing in another flute, something that’s more heavy duty. Price-wise, it’s a steal as you can get it for around a hundred dollars so it remains to be a considerable investment for someone who’s interested in giving being a flutist a try.


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