Jean Paul USA FL-220 Flute

It can be frustrating to dedicate so much time and effort in trying to improve with a musical instrument and still fall short. A major factor in a musician’s performance, aside from skill level and practice, is the instrument itself.

A reality that musicians have to face is that high-quality instruments tend to give high-quality sounds, and those on the lower end may sound cheap. It would be tragic to continuously feel down about how you sound when it may be the instrument that doesn’t suit you.

One of the best student flutes available is the Jean Paul USA FL-220 student flute

The flute, in particular, is a tricky instrument to learn to play. It sounds beautiful when mastered, but requires lots of hours of practicing technique and intonation. The best partner-in-crime in every flutist’s journey to improve is a reliable flute, of course.

When starting out, it’s always good to build a fine relationship with the instrument early on.

There are many great options for student flutists who are willing to invest in a flute that will last beyond the intermediate level. Eliminate those that cost big bucks, and you’ll still have a lot to choose from.

Let’s discuss one of the more recently popular models out there today – the Jean Paul USA FL-220.

Easy to play, beautifully designed, and friendly for beginners, the FL-220 is one of the hottest choices for flutists as of late. Perusing product reviews and online threads will reveal that. From listings of its features to reports of pros and cons, there’s much to unpack when it comes to this pretty flute.

Features Of The FL-220 Student Flute

  • Weighs just 2.2 pounds
  • Tuned in the key of C using the French-style closed hole key system
  • Power-forged keys ensure durability and even response
  • French-style sculptured keys set up in classic plateau key style make it easy to play

  • Student-friendly embouchure plate ensure good intonation
  • Cupronickel body material with either nickel or silver-plated finish beautify the flute

  • C-footjoint ensures a smoother C-range

  • Offset-G key facilitates holding and playing for younger students

  • Comes with carrying case specially contoured for the F-220

  • Comes with gloves, cleaning cloth, and cleaning rod

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Why Choose A Jean Paul Flute?

Brand-wise, there’s nothing to worry about. Jean Paul has long produced quality musical instruments, earning much respect and trust in the industry. 

It’s a smart choice to purchase a flute from a well-known brand among musicians. There are a select number of such brands, and Jean Paul is one of them. Their tagline, in fact, is “instruments built to last a lifetime.” 

More often than not, a wind instrument player is bound to have a Jean Paul.

That’s why a beginner can assume that he or she is in safe hands with the flutes that are being offered. Of course, after one learns the basics, an affordable instrument is the primary concern, since anything too complicated requires higher skill level. 

What Does The FL-220 Flute Offer For Students?

The FL-220, despite having elegant design, is suited for students. The flute’s body and keys are friendly to those still learning proper fingering techniques. At the same time, it was engineered with care and craftsmanship, thanks to those at Jean Paul, manifesting in the quality intonation that can be considered of the same level as higher-end flutes.

The FL-220 student flute is a smart choice as a quality, affordable flute for beginners

Thanks to the cupronickel body, nickel-plated finish, and power-forged keys, it’s not only shiny and nice to look at, but it’s also durable enough to withstand rough treatment. After all, students who still haven’t mastered how to care for a flute may handle the instrument inaccurately. Over time, this should no longer be a problem.

Another thing about cupronickel and nickel-plated finish is that it’s not very popular for intermediate and advanced players. They may prefer something more sophisticated to suit their needs. But these materials are durable and affordable enough that the flute can be sold less expensively.

There’s also the concern that instruments sound terrible when beginners are just practicing. This isn’t too much of a problem for the FL-220, because the sounds are still pleasant with sufficient intonation.


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The Jean Paul USA FL-220 has numerous pros, but here are the biggest ones that guarantee bang for buck.

  • Really tailored for students
    From the power-forged keys to the embouchure plate to the optimal placement of the lip plate, the FL-220 is extremely friendly to beginners. In fact, even intermediate students will get great results when practicing.

    The target market, which is the main focus, however, is the beginner to intermediate level. Upper intermediate to advanced students might want a higher-end flute, but this one provides just what is needed and nothing less.

    In short, it’s a flute that may best accompany a student’s learning curve.


  • Unbeatable sound quality
    Compared to other flutes, the tone and sound quality is very good. Whether repeating scales or rehearsing a difficult piece, the shrill noises that may be produced won’t be as grating to the ears. A solid performance, on the other hand, will truly be elevated.

    There’s no denying it – despite the relatively cheaper price, it delivers just as well as more expensive models on the market. 


  • Package with lots of benefits
    The FL-220 comes with a sophisticated case and appropriate wiping clothing, with a cleaning rod and gloves. Once you buy the flute, there’s no need to buy anything else for maintenance and cleaning.

    This is a major pro, no matter how small it may seem compared to the other boxes we’re ticking, but having cleaning items is not that unimportant. The convenience a complete package offers can save time, energy, and money.


  • Customer service
    Jean Paul customer service is quick and friendly if you require assistance with your flute, may it be to address a leak or a request a part replacement. Online reviews of those who needed customer service all report that assistance was more than adequate and provided as graciously and expertly as possible.

    More often than not, however, this won’t be needed due to their products being consistently good and ready to go.


There’s not much to criticize with this affordable, well-tailored, and easy-to-play flute. There are two things we can nitpick about it, however.

  • Soft-sided case
    Since the carrying case is soft-sided, it’s not as sturdy as a hard-shell case. When it comes to musical instruments, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and that includes the kind of casing that protects it from wear and tear.

    If you decide on this flute and find the case a problem, then an option would be to invest in a separate one.


  • No warranty
    Unlike other flute offers out there, the FL-220 does not come with a warranty. This is a shame, because what if something happens and you’ll badly need it? Shelling out more cash isn’t ideal.

    This is just a minor con, though, since the quality and make of the flute may take precedence over things like the case and warranty. But if you have other options on your list, these things could make or break this particular item.




This Jean Paul USA 220 flute is well suited to beginners and intermediate flute players

Who Is The Jean Paul USA FL-220 Flute Suited To?

As mentioned many times before, the Jean Paul USA FL-220 is perfect for students, both beginner and intermediate, and even beyond. It was engineered with younger players in mind, so the key configurations are not too complicated.

The affordable price, when compared with other flutes on the market, is quite easy on a student’s wallet (or a parent’s, for that matter). Despite the price, the quality is still undeniable and one can tell the makers didn’t scrimp on it or anything. 

Most importantly, it doesn’t get too corny to play even as one advances. The sound quality remains great, and even heightened as skill level rises.



Music is a very useful and fulfilling life skill that requires mastery and development over the years. Because of this, musical instruments that are friendly to students last a long time, and also perform as excellently as other more expensive brands are valued.

The Jean Paul USA FL-220 is a great flute. It ticks all the boxes, after all. It looks great, sounds great, and was tailor made for students trying to progress to a higher level. Even more convincing is the affordability of the item, which comes in a package with all the essential benefits.

Despite the cons (relatively soft case and no warranty), which could be a big deal and bring the rest of this flute down, there’s still no denying the benefits. The worst that could happen is damage to your flute and no warranty to have it fixed.

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But if you still decide to purchase the FL-220, it may be worth it as it ticks the most important box – it delivers. And there’s no harm if it’s of great finish and construction too, as it seems of higher quality than most student flutes that don’t have as elegant a make.

One thing’s for sure: this is among the best and most affordable student flutes out there, and could very well be worth the hype.