What To Expect From A Hawk Silver Plated Closed Hole C Flute

Do you want to learn how to play the flute but you’re unsure how and where to start? Most people assume that good quality flutes are expensive. Yet, there are reasonably-priced flutes available in the market today.

A popular brand that is inexpensive is the Hawk silver plated closed hole C flute.

For beginners like you, this is the ideal wind instrument to learn. Some musicians who are already intermediate players prefer this silver-plated flute. This is the kind of flute that works well for beginners. It’s also ideal for those who are playing at an intermediate level. It does not cost much.

In fact, its quality can still be compared with that of the more expensive ones.

You can buy a Hawk silver plated closed hole C flute for less than two hundred dollars. This includes your flute and a carrying case. In addition, you will get handling gloves, a cleaning cloth and rod, grease, and adjustment screws – that’s value for your money.

Some sellers would even add a complete package with a flute stand. You only need to know which sellers offer reasonable deals.

Apart from offering above-standard playability, you won’t have problems with the tone and tuning of the Hawk silver plated closed hole C flute.

Other than that, it’s fabrication from silver-plated nickel makes for one extremely strong and sturdy instrument. Because of its durable construction, you are assured of many years of playing beautiful music with this beautifully- and excellently designed flute.

This is a unique type of flute because of the design – it has straight and curved head joints.

Expert players say that this design is ideal for young flutists because of ease of handling. Traditionally-designed flutes have straight body structures.

With its curved design, this Hawk silver-plated flute provides comfort to the player, as it allows easier grip and handling. Its unique design also allows players to maintain proper posture while playing, providing further ease and comfort.

Aside from beginner flutists, intermediate players prefer using this, particularly those who play for Symphony and Marching bands.


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Benefits Of The Hawk Closed Hole Flute

  • Airtight seals
    If you take a closer look at this flute, you’ll notice its airtight seals. These can be attributed to the quality set of leather pads that it comes equipped with.Because of the airtight seal, the sound quality is better – giving you a the of playing a professional-grade equipment. Apart from this, the seals also make the flute water resistant.
  • 16 keys with C and offset G
    You get access to 16 keys. The flute can also be played on C and offset G. The former is normally used by beginners while more advanced flutists rely on the latter. Having both keys of play available makes this flute versatile. This means that you can play a wider array of music without having to invest in multiple flutes. You also don’t have to spend on a different flute as you progress in your practice saving you money over time.
  • Great sound
    You easily get more than your two hundred dollars in value with the Hawk silver plated closed hole C flute. It sounds just as good as more expensive models, it’s highly portable, it’s durable, and it’s a breeze to play.With this flute, there’s no need to compromise price and performance. Compared with similar low-priced flutes, it’s easy to spot the difference in sound when you play them side by side with the Hawk silver plated closed hole C flute.
  • Ease of playing
    The keys don’t even need that much pressure to be played. All you really need to do is apply a soft touch and that’s about it. There’s no worrying about keys getting stuck or what not.

Problems with the Hawk C Flute

But of course, despite its many pros, the Hawk silver plated closed hole C flute still has its fair share of cons and here they are.

  • Paint chipping or scratches
    Depending on how well you take care of it, it’s normal for the color to chip away at some point. The material is also prone to scratching. The good thing is that these things don’t really alter the sound quality.
  • Cleaning
    Also, when you first get your Hawk silver plated closed hole C flute, you should clean it thoroughly and also do so as you use it.

    Because of the curved design, it will also take more effort on your end to clean it well.


But all in all, the Hawk silver plated closed hole C flute is a great model to consider for those who’re starting out in the world of flutes.

You’ll get good value for the price, add to that a complete set of accessories to boot. Just make sure that you take good care of it and there really is nothing else to worry about.

It will definitely last you for quite a while; hopefully for several years. And for a beginner instrument, it will fare well with pricier options.

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