Best Beginners Flutes Under $200

Buying a flute is a worthwhile investment for any future flutist, but beginners don’t need to shell out much for an instrument to get started.

Flutes come in a wide variety of ranges, materials and price points. On this page we focus on those flutes that are available for under $200. These flutes are typically suitable for beginners only and therefore as your experience and skill improves you may to upgrade to a better instrument.

Remember to select a size that is suitable for the learner. Younger children under 7 years of age will probably need a curved headjoint to be able to play the flute effectively. A curved headjoint shortens the reach required to play specific notes.

Do not select a flute that is too cheap. It can be more cost effective to purchase something a little bit more expensive to begin with, but is able to be upgraded as your skills improve. Better quality flutes tend to last longer and can be easier to play for the learner.

The best flutes below $200 for students, including their pros and cons that a potential buyer should know; are listed below.

ImageNameFeaturesStarsCheck Price
Learn to play the flute with the FL-220 by Jean PaulJean Paul USA FL220Contoured carry case
C Flute
Cupronickel body
Nickel plated finish
4.5 StarsGet your flute for the best price at Amazon
Mendini closed hole C Flute by CecilioMendini Closed Hole C FluteC flute with offset G
Undercut embouchure
Bonus flute stand and pocketbook
3.8 starsGet your flute for the best price at Amazon
Glory Closed C Hole flute with accessoriesGlory Hand Engraved C FluteClosed Hole 16 keys design
Offset G
High grade needle spring
4.0 StarsGet your flute for the best price at Amazon
Lazarro professional Closed Hole C fluteLazarro Professional C FluteComes with case, gloves and cleaning material
Trusted USA brand
22 different colors
3.8 StarsGet your flute for the best price at Amazon
Engraved Design Closed Hole C FluteEngraved Design 17 hole C fluteItalian Pisoni pads
Open holes, 17 key C flute
Silver plated finish
4.1 StarsGet your flute for the best price at Amazon
Signature Music Open Hole B FluteSignature Music silver plated B FluteSilver plated
Open hole, 17 hole flute in low B
intermediate to advanced
3.9 StarsGet your flute for the best price at Amazon
Bailando silver plated B FluteBailando Silver Plated Flute16 hole closed hole B flute
Improved mouthpiece
Cleaning kit with gloves and grease
3.1 starsGet your flute for the best price at Amazon


1. Jean Paul USA FL-220

Jean Paul USA FL-220 flute with carry case, great flute for beginnersFEATURES

This Jean Paul flute is designed specifically for beginner and intermediate players, making it is easy to play. This ease in playing can be attributed to the closed-hole system of the flute, which is easier for beginners to handle.

The keys are also power-forged, ensuring durability and peace of mind for the student. Aside from that, the embouchure or liplate is designed to be student-friendly so that even beginner flutists can begin to play with intonations.

As well as its student-friendliness, the Jean Paul USA FL-220 also has plenty of aesthetic looks. It has a sturdy copper-nickel body and sleek nickel plated finish, the FL-220 is a beautiful instrument to hold and use.

This beautiful instrument deserves to be stored properly, and Jean Paul does not disappoint. When you purchase the FL-220 it comes with its own portable carrying case, along with extra accessories such as a cleaning cloth and cleaning rod to maintain the flute’s sleek finish. Learn to play the flute with the FL-220 by Jean Paul For a potential buyer, one of the best features of the Jean Paul FL-220 would be the price. For a flute that is priced under $200 it is a quality instrument.

Many customers that have purchase this flute have compared it to many pricier instruments.

The credibility of the Jean Paul Company is also a plus for many customers, especially those who are wary of buying instruments online.

Each instrument, including the FL-220, is carefully crafted and tested by highly-skilled technicians, and the company itself backs its instruments with a one-year warranty.

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  • Copper-nickel body
  • Closed hole flute
  • Accessories including carry case
  • Price
  • One year warranty
  • Great customer service


However, even with its good features for the price point, the FL-220 is still a long way from the extremely high-end instruments used by those in orchestras and conservatories.

While the FL-220 is excellent in the lower range notes used by most beginners, a serious flutist will eventually have to upgrade since the FL-220 is not as good in the upper register as the more expensive flutes are.

As a beginner instrument, meanwhile, the FL-220 is an excellent example of its kind, but it is also one of the more pricier beginner flutes. A buyer who just wants to try out the instrument will be able to find starter flutes at lower prices.

Compared to other starter flutes that are less than a hundred dollars, the FL-220 is relatively expensive.


The Jean Paul FL-220 is a wise choice for many beginners.

It represents quality and good value, for its price point. T

his model provides all the basic features and functions that a student would need. Even after a beginner improves and upgrades to a higher-end instrument, that flutist could still use the FL-220 as a back-up instrument.

Aside from the features of the actual flute, a customer would also have the support of the Jean Paul Company, which has been praised many times for its outstanding customer service.

Despite some drawbacks, the Jean Paul FL-220 is a good beginner bet in terms of features, budget, and peace of mind.


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2. Mendini Nickel Plated Closed Hole Flute

Mendini closed hole C Flute by Cecilio


At under $100, the nickel-plated model of the Medini Closed Hole C flute is clearly marketed towards beginners.

Each of the 16 keys is closed, which is a great help to the student flutist who have not mastered open-hole flutes yet. One of these keys is the offset G, which is a good feature for beginners since they tend to have difficulties with the inline G key.

The embouchure or lip-plate is also modeled for beginner use, since it sports an undercut bevel that is easier to use. The flute additionally has double bladder pads which are of high quality.

All of these features are in one affordable flute, which still looks like most high-end models thanks to its sleek nickel-plated finish. This flute is also available in a silver-nickel plated finish.

Aside from the actual flute, Mendini also provides its case, which is a durable plush-lined box. There is also a foldable flute stand, where a flute can be temporarily stored upright when not in use, and a handy flute pocketbook tailored for beginners. Cleaning materials such as cloths and rods are also provided, as well as join grease and adjustment screws for maintenance. Finally, there are also a pair of white gloves for a player to use during performances.

In addition to all of that, Mendini also provides a one-year warranty for any manufacturer’s defects.


For its low price point, the Mendini Nickel Plated Closed Hole Flute has good features, but it still cannot hold up to its pricier counterparts.

Its tone, according to customer reviews, has a tendency to be off and errors in padding and spring tension may pop up as time goes by.

Aside from that, the metal of the flute body is softer than most flutes, so many repair shops may not be willing to repair a broken Mendini flute.


Even with its occasional flaws, this Mendini flute has been recommended by thousands of flute instructors and used by many more students.

While a user will eventually have to upgrade to a higher-grade instrument, the Mendini is still a useful back-up model that covers all the basics and also has very useful accessories, all for under $100.

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3. Glory Hand Engraved 17 Hole C Flute



With a shiny silver finish and hand-engraved designs, the Glory Hand-Engraved 17 Hole C Flute is a beautiful instrument.

Even though its price is a little over $100 it remains cheap compared to higher-end models, the Glory brand flute certainly looks expensive. However, it’s not just the outside.

The flute itself has a beautiful tone when played, since the body is made of cuppro-nickel, which produces better sound quality than most flute materials. It’s not just about the aesthetics.

The Glory Hand-Engraved 17-Hole C Flute has beginner-friendly features, such as the offset G and C foot. Most beginners rarely stray from C foot flutes for about three or so years so this is a good feature of the Glory brand that will last quite some time.

Aside from that, the Glory flute also features high-quality leather pads which keep moisture from leaking into the flute and air from leaking out of the flute. The needle spring, meanwhile, is also of high grade and advertised by the brand to last a long time.

The Glory flute also comes with a case, a tuning rod, and cleaning cloth. Joint grease and gloves are also included.


Still, the Glory flute is by all means a beginner’s instrument, and experienced flutists can detect a difference between the Glory flute and other high-end brands.

A beginner who chooses this will eventually have to spend again to get a more expensive model.

Aside from this, many users of the flute note that the paint from colorful models tend to chip away in less than a month, while the silver and nickel-plated flutes last longer though they may stain over time.


Nevertheless, this flute is a good starting instrument for beginners, and a good back-up instrument for seasoned musicians.

Even with its cons, the pro features of this product make it a worthwhile investment for people who are starting on the flute, and for people who are starting again.


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4. Lazarro Professional Closed Hole C Flute



At under $100, the Lazarro Professional Closed Hole C Flute is an affordable starter flute.

Fashioned from cuppro-nickel and available in more than 22 designs and two possible key colors (silver and gold), this flute is both sturdy and stylish.

For students who want a cheap but trendy instrument, this is a pro. The flute itself is a C flute, with 16 keys, including a split E that is more manageable for beginners. The C foot feature is a common feature for most flutes, including the Lazarro.

Each of the keys are closed hole, which is a bonus for any beginner flute student. The flute also features durable padding, which is also replaceable.

Like most starter flutes, the Lazarro comes with a case, gloves and a complete cleaning kit, composed of cloth, rod, grease, and screwdriver. Aside from that, the company also offers a one-year warranty.

For under $100, all of these are bundled with the flute, which is a nice touch for any customer on a budget.

Additionally, as long as the flute is well cared for and maintained, a flutist would not be able to distinguish the sound of the Lazarro compared to a higher-end model until after a year or two, which definitely speaks for the quality the flute has despite its low price.


While the Lazarro comes in many different colors, all of these colors have a way of peeling off after some time. While this does not affect the sound of the flute, this does affect the aesthetic quality, which some child flutists could potentially fuss over.

The Lazarro is very cheap at under $100. As such, its tonal quality may not be on par with the more expensive professional flutes, or even with some other starter flutes.

Should it need repairing, the costs of the repair may even exceed the cost of the actual flute. Some repair companies may not even be willing to work on a model priced as such.


The Lazarro is a good practice flute for its price. At under $100 dollars, getting a flute and a full cleaning kit is already a good deal.

However, should it need repair just like any flute would, the costs may not be worth it and the flutist would be better of just buying a new flute. Still, this flute gets the job done, and its features are excellent for the flute’s cost.

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5. Engraved Design 17 Hole Flute



The Engraved Design 17 Open Hole Flute by Moz looks simple at first. It’s like most other flutes, with the silver-plated body and keys.

Like most beginner flutes, it is in the Key of C, with an offset G and split E that facilitates playing for students. However, this flute also sports famous Pisoni pads, which are made of high quality materials from Italy.

The engravings on the mouthpiece also make an aesthetically pleasing touch.

At a reasonable price, this flute also comes with its own cleaning kit, consisting of a cleaning rod, polishing cloth, joint grease, and screwdriver. Also included in this kit are a pair of white gloves, a wooden case, and a one-year warranty.


Because the flute has open holes, and a B foot features, this flute may not be the best pick for a beginner’s first instrument.

While it does come with hole plugs to convert the instrument into a closed-hole flute, there is still potential for those plugs to get lost. The silver plating for this flute also tends to tarnish after some time, which may frustrate players who like nice-looking flutes.

The Engraved Design Flute also has a tendency to decline in sound quality after just six months. Like certain brands of starter flutes, this flute may not be repaired on by most repair shops.

Engraved Design Closed Hole C Flute


While some of its features may not render this an excellent choice for child flutists, the Engraved Design 17 Hole Flute is a good choice for intermediate players who want the open holes and B foot.


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6. Signature Music 17 Open Hole B Flute



With 17 keys and open holes instead of the beginner 16 closed holes, the Signature Music 17 Open Hole B Flute is suited for the intermediate flutist. The Low B feature allows the player to reach a lower register than with the C foot, and the 17 keys allow for more playable notes. Each of the open-holed keys are power forged for better durability.

While the open hole feature makes this flute less suitable to beginners, Signature Music provides free hole plugs so the flute can also be played by students who are new to the craft.

The flute includes high-quality pads from the USA, and the whole flute itself is silver plated for an attractive, sleek finish. The instrument itself is encased in a hard protective case, and the case itself comes with a padded carrying bag for extra protection during transport.

Signature Music Open Hole B Flute


While the hole plugs can convert the flute into a closed hole flute for beginners, there is a possibility for the small plugs to get dislodged and/or lost.

Besides that, even with the hole plugs, the overall capability for more notes and lower register may confuse people who are just starting to play the flute. Thus, this may not be the best choice for a beginner’s first flute.

The flute only comes with its case and carrying bag which, at around $150, may seem less appealing than cheaper flutes that come with complete cleaning kits.


The Signature Music 17 Open Hole B Flute is a suitable instrument for intermediate players on a budget, and it is a cheap option for beginners who want to transition from closed hole to open hole flutes.

Players may also find peace of mind with the added protection that comes with the shell case and the padded carrying bag. However, a buyer may get less value from their money since this flute does not come with a cleaning kit, which is usually offered alongside starter flutes of the same or lower price point.


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7. Bailando Silver Plated Flute with Offset G



At just over $100 for the plain silver plated design, and at just under $200 for the carved silver plated design, this Bailando flute is good value for money.

The Bailando Silver Plated Flute with Offset G has 16 closed holes, including an offset G and split E which are both suitable for beginner players.

The lip plate is designed to be student and child-friendly, and the pads are well-fitted to each key. Meanwhile, the silver plating of the Bailando flute is of excellent quality, as well as the actual cuppro-nickel materials of the flute body. Because of the flute’s silver plating, it has a better tremolo than flutes with other types of plating.

Like majority of beginner flutes, the Bailando flute also comes with a cleaning kit. This kit consists of a jujube wood cleaning stick, joint grease, screwdriver, flute end protector, and gloves.


Should a Bailando flute need repair, a repair shop may not be willing to work on it, since the flute’s metal body is softer than most brands. Also, as it is always with cheaper flutes, the tone is never quite the same as the tone in high-end models.

Not many users of this flute have been open about their opinions regarding this instrument, so potential buyers who scour reviews may find this brand lacking in that area.

Aside from that, the Bailando flute is also expensive compared to its fellow starter flute kits.


Despite its potential problems in repair and higher cost compared to other starter models, the Bailando Silver Plated Flute with Offset G is a solid choice for beginner flute players.

It has all the basic features of a flute and a complete cleaning kit, making the Bailando brand good for those just starting the instrument.


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What Is The Best Student Flute?

While there is no one-for-all “best” flute that could fit each and every flutist, a potential buyer can easily determine his or her personal best choice based on their needs or the attribute they value most.

A player who wants a very cheap starter flute with many style options could opt for a Lazarro Professional Closed Hole C Flute, which offers multiple colors at under $100 alongside the functions of any usual flute.  This is one of the few flutes in this list that costs under $100, but its features can still compete alongside its more costly cousins.

Meanwhile, a beginner who wants an all-in-one flute kit for a low price can take a look at the Mendini Closed Hole C Flute. Not only are its features tailored to beginners, the Mendini also comes with a complete cleaning kit, a flute stand, and a handy beginner’s booklet. These are all included in the under $100 price tag, so flutists who want the most value out of their money may find this as their best bet.

Intermediate flutists who wish to move on to open-holed flutes and B foot also have an option in this under $200 flute list. They can choose between the Engraved Design 17 Hole Flute and the Signature Music 17 Open Hole B Flute 2821S, which are similar in price points. However, if a potential buyer would read through the buyer reviews of each product, they’d find the Signature Music flute to be the more reliable of the two in terms of quality.

The Best Student Flute Under $200

For the buyer who wants a trustworthy customer service and overall reliable, beginner-friendly features, the Jean Paul FL-220 is the best in those areas.

It has the highest customer rating out of all the listed flutes on Amazon, and Jean Paul is the most prominent company in the list regarding musical instruments. Hundreds of reviews have proven that this model is a brand that can be trusted by most customers. For many buyers, this may be the best student flute that $200 can buy.


Choosing that first flute may be daunting for first-time flutists, but that choice does not need to be expensive. There’s a flute for every player, and that flute may just cost less than $200.

I sincerely hope that you found this article to be of assistance.