Find Your Flute in the Eastar EFL-1 C

There are many who’re interested in learning to play music; and there are instruments that are more popular than others. You’ll find people who’ll go the more traditional route; that is, opting for a guitar, piano, or the drums for example. But you’ll also find others who’d prefer to take a different path, say like studying the flute for starters.

Eastar EFL-1 C flute with offset G

One of the common misconceptions about wind instruments is that they can cost a pretty penny. But although there are expensive flutes available today, there are also companies that manufacture quality flutes that can be purchased without needing to make a hefty first investment.

If you know someone who’s an aspiring flutist or you want to become one yourself, you’ll be happy to know that there are affordable starter flutes in the market today.

For example, you can get your hands on the Eastar EFL-1 C flute for less than seventy dollars. Considering everything that comes with the package, you’ll truly get a higher value for every dollar that you spend.

Eastar EFL-1 C flute embouchre plate

Why Purchase The EFL-1 C Flute?

Apart from the flute itself, you will also get your hands on several accessories. The 16-key flute comes with a sturdy carrying case, a flute stand, a cleaning cloth, a cleaning rod, some adjustment screws, joint grease, and white gloves for easy handling. As an added note, the flute is ideal not only for beginners but those who play at intermediate levels as well. What you have here is a beginner-level instrument. It’s a nickel-plated flute that’s designed with closed holes.

This particular instrument can provide the type of sound quality that’s closely comparable to its more expensive counterparts. And because it can be played on the C, offset G, and split E keys, the instrument becomes a versatile investment. You can even use it as you progress to a more intermediate playing level. Eastar EFL-1 C Flute with offset G Some of the notable features of this instrument include the undercut and beveled mouthpiece. This kind of embouchure is normally found on higher-priced flute models.

There are two bladder pads as well and key bumpers made out of rubber. These ensure that the keys are easy to play and the transition from note to note is as smooth as possible. At this point, there’s a chance that you might not be fully sure if this really is the instrument that you’d like to learn.

The biggest selling point for the Eastar EFL-1 C flute is it price. You can easily try it out guilt-free because of the low price point, knowing that it won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

Compared with other similar flutes in the market, one of the things that you’ll like about the Eastar EFL-1 C flute is its portability. It’s lightweight but durable, and so is the sturdy carrying case.

You can purchase one in standard silver but there are also other colors available to choose from. If you’re getting one for yourself or buying one for a relative or friend, you can choose from a wide range of colors that’ll easily suit their style.


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Drawbacks Of The EFL-1 C Flute

Now you know why the Eastar EFL-1 C flute a great starter flute to invest in. But you should also take note of several cons. This’ll ensure that you’ll make the best decision when you finally go out and make a flute purchase.

First of all, it’s less than a hundred dollars; which is tremendous value for your money. But of course, it won’t be as durable as its higher-priced counterparts.

The general life of this type of instrument is anywhere from 2 to 5 years. Usually, you’ll see scratches and paint chips after a year or so of active use. Don’t worry though as this won’t affect the sound; just the aesthetics.

It’s durable to some extent but because it’s only nickel-plated, it is softer; and therefore not as easy to repair. There are repairmen who actually choose not to accept repair requests for the Eastar EFL-1 C flute.

But for as long as you’re someone who can take good care of things, this still remains to be a viable option. If you’re looking for something that’s more durable, it’d be best if you set your eyes on flutes that are made out of, not plated with copper.



With the sound quality and seamless play, this becomes an excellent instrument to learn with. With proper tonality and tuning, you’ll have a great musical instrument on your hands. Once you progress to a more advanced level of playing, you can take advantage of the offset G and split E keys.

If need be, you can upgrade to a pricier flute years into your practice. Again, this is a quality flute for beginners and intermediate flutists. If you’re interested in getting excellent value, do consider investing in an Eastar EFL-1 C flute.


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